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Individual tours

Self-guided tours

Individuals can visit the château on a self-guided basis. A guide brochure is available for free at the entrance allowing you to explore the Château de Maintenon, the French formal gardens and the aqueduct at your own pace.


The tour of the château is in two parts:

– The 17th-century apartments of Madame de Maintenon and of Marshal Adrien-Maurice de Noailles, Duke d’Ayen then Duke de Noailles.


– The small 19th-century apartments designed by Duke Paul de Noailles and his wife Alicia de Rochechouart de Mortemart, the King Louis XIV’s former bedroom, and the large 19th-century apartments followed by the gallery inspired by Louis Philippe’s grand galleries at the Château de Versailles and the Château d’Eu.


Visitors can then take a stroll in the French formal gardens and walk to the aqueduct.

Guided tours

In summer (only in French) :
Guided tours from Tuesday to Sunday at 3pm.



Accessibility for people with reduced mobility : very limited
The visit of the château takes place on the second floor which you can only get to with stairs.
Seat sticks are available for visitors upon simple request.